The Brand Lexicon Design Formula.

 In an interconnected visual economy, design has become more and more integral to the success of modern business.

Designers are no longer being brought in at the end of the process “to make things look pretty”,

but rather are providing essential insights from the ground up.

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Collaborative Design Thinking

Working with others who have different and complementary skills to form agreement and generate better work

Abductive Design Thinking

Abductive Design Thinking

Inventing new and better options to solve problems

Experimental Design Thinking

Experimental Design Thinking

Posing hypothesis, building prototypes and testing them in an interactive process

Personal Design Thinking

Personal Design Thinking

Considering each unique context and set of people in any given problem

Interactive Design Thinking

Integrative Design Thinking

Perceiving and creating an entire system

Interprative Design Thinking

Interprative Design Thinking

Devising how to frame an issue or a problem, then judging the possible solutions against this.

We offer a creative, collaborative and supportive design approach

when designing our clients’ web, print, branding and marketing campaigns

Our design philosophy is simple

First we listen to understand. Then we think, provide solutions, design and build what is required:

Collaborative solutions that help our clients overcome new obstacles in business and that benefit their bottom line.



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